Prize Support for Gaming Events

I’ve made so many friends, had so much fun, and opened so many doors through gaming that I think it’s only right that I give back to the gaming community. Gnome Stew is part of that effort, but I also love providing support to conventions, contests, charity auctions, and other gaming-related events — large and small — by donating copies of Engine Publishing books (in PDF, print, or both) to be used as prizes.

We’ve provided hundreds of dollars of prize support to a wide range of conventions and events, including Iron GM, Genghis Con, SCARAB, FRAGCon, PrairieCon, Undercity Game Fair, Queen City Conquest, Jamestown Gamerati Game Day, and Pacificon, as well as contests and a charity auction to benefit the March of Dimes.

Here are some of the comments folks have shared about our prize support:

The Rocky Mountain Savages would like to thank Engine Publishing for donating copies of both Eureka and Masks. These were given out at Savage Saturday Night at Genghis Con 2012 in Denver.

I just wanted to take a moment and tell you about the Iron GM World Championship 2012 that you helped sponsor — and to thank you again. Your generous contributions made a big impact on the fans. We gave away over $30,000 in prizes, which might just be the single largest prize chest ever divided at Gen Con for an RPG event!

Queen City Conquest was awesome! I ran my first two Con games there, and it was a ton of fun. The Engine Pack we donated to the charity auction helped to raise $600 for Children’s Hospital in Buffalo. That money was used to buy things for the hospital, in terms of games and such for the common areas on the hospital floors. — Phil Vecchione, author of Never Unprepared.

If you’d like to inquire about prize support for your event, please drop me a line at martin (at) enginepublishing (dot) com.