Masks preorders and contributor copies have shipped

After a marathon session last night, with a great deal of help from my lovely wife, and after 90 minutes at the post office, $900 in postage, and a 13′ receipt, all preorder and contributor copies of Masks have now shipped!

Thank you again for your patience. I’m going to go fall over now.


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  • David Thomas

    Is there currently any way to Order the Print bundle? I unfortunately missed this great looking product during the pre-order.

  • Martin

    Thanks for your interest, David! Yes, the softcover edition should be on sale in the next couple of days — I just need to make sure the weight and other details are correct in our system.

  • David Thomas

    Sweet! You have a sale for the bundle as soon as it’s up! I have only heard good things about your products. Unfortunately I heard them all after the pre-order. 😛

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