Free Downloads

Digital products are available in our online store, but we also offer free downloads related to each of our books.

Digital Tools

  • New NPC: Alia Tholk – Given to seminar attendees at Gen Con 2012, this 2-page PDF presents a new character — Alia Tholk, Reality Explorer (the woman depicted on the cover of Never Unprepared) — in the Masks format and demonstrates how to use Alia in a sci-fi plot from Eureka.
  • Four Plot-NPC Pairings – Used at SCARAB 2011, this 4-page PDF presents four fantasy plots from Eureka, each of which is paired with an NPC from Masks that you can use in the adventure. It’s a great example of how easy it is to combine these books.
  • Masks Sci-Fi Mini Campaign – Handed out to seminar attendees at Gen Con 2011, this 2-page PDF presents a sci-fi mini-campaign, “Fathers and Suns,” that you can create using three plots from Eureka and four NPCs from Masks — and it’s a good tutorial on combining Masks and Eureka in your game.
  • Eureka Fantasy Mini-Campaign – Given out to seminar attendees at Gen Con 2010, this 2-page PDF presents a fantasy mini-campaign, “The Star of Winter,” that you can create using four plots from Eureka. It’s also a good example of how to combine Eureka plots into longer arcs.
  • Sortable Masks NPC matrix – Created by Masks fan Adrian Thornton, this spreadsheet lets you filter, sort, and drill down to exactly the type of NPC you need. (You’ll need a copy of Masks to use it.)
  • Sortable Excel plot matrix – Created by Eureka fan Ville Makkonen, this spreadsheet enables you to sort and filter Eureka plots by a range of criteria. For example, if you want a city-based small-scale social plot you could use the following filters: city, social, NOT epic, NOT isolated area. (This matrix requires a copy of Eureka to use, of course!)

Samples from Our Books

  • Excerpts from Focal Point – A 19-page PDF that includes the front and back covers, table of contents, and a sample from each major section of the book.
  • Excerpts from Unframed – This 10-page PDF includes the introduction, table of contents, and the first half of two different essays from Unframed.
  • Excerpts from Odyssey – A 19-page PDF that provides samples from different chapters of Odyssey, as well as the table of contents.
  • Excerpts from Never Unprepared – This 16-page PDF offers up samples from throughout the book, giving you an idea of the kind of advice and techniques you’ll find in Never Unprepared.
  • 18 NPCs from Masks (and more) – This 17-page PDF features 18 NPCs suitable for dropping into your campaign (6 each for fantasy, sci-fi, and modern), as well as samples from other sections in the book.
  • 12 adventure plots from Eureka (and more) – This 19-page PDF includes 12 plots that you can use right away (4 each for fantasy, sci-fi, and horror), as well as samples from other parts of the book.