Everyone who works on an Engine Publishing product has their bio featured here. We love our contributors!

All of these fine folks contributed to Eureka: 501 Adventure Plots to Inspire Game Masters, our first product:

John Arcadian stumbled into the roleplaying game industry way back in 2003 because of a hobby project. Never expecting it to go far, John is now an RPG industry blogger, CEO of a small-press gaming company, and has met many of his geek-heroes from days of yore. John lives in an idyllic rural area of Ohio. Rumors that he only wears kilts are mostly unfounded.

Patrick Benson has been a GM for over 20 years. He has written articles on the craft of GMing for Treasure Tables and Gnome Stew. He has also hosted seminars by himself and with others on improvising as a GM, balancing life and gaming, game charters, pacing, and numerous other topics. Patrick is currently working on an RPG based upon the Fudge system at his blog, Sinister Forces. He runs a forum for GMs at You Meet In A Tavern.

Walt Ciechanowski is a Jersey boy that’s been forcibly transplanted to southeastern Pennsylvania. Currently an author and RPG freelance writer, Walt’s been an avid gamer ever since he received the “purple box” back in 1982. Walt currently lives in Springfield, PA with his understanding (and fellow gamer!) wife and their two children.

Sara DeNunzio is a merciless wielder of the mighty red pen, exhausted mother of two young scalawags and retired fire eater. In her spare time, she enjoys watching Doctor Who and pretending to understand particle physics. Please contact Sara if you need your book edited or your time machine tested.

Laine Garrett is a graphic design student living in Washington. When she isn’t working on design projects she draws monsters’ sharp teeth, something she prefers in comparison to typefaces and page layouts. Eureka is the second RPG project she has worked on.

Darren Hardy is a webmaster, graphic designer, and gaming enthusiast living in beautiful northern Michigan. His hobbies include board and computer gaming, swimming, bicycling, cooking, and travel. He has worked for a regional newspaper publisher for the past eight years doing print layout, computer support, and web design. His interests include science fiction, geology, astronomy, and technology.

Avery Liell-Kok is a painter and artist. A longtime RPG player and character doodler with a fine art and art history background, she got bored of illustrating all of her fellow gamers’ games for free and began seeking gainful employment. She lives Indiana with her fiancé.

Scott Martin is glad that his first RPG book contribution is alongside his fellow gnomes. His non-gnome hats include husband, cat wrangler, engineer, cook, and evil GM. He lives in central California with his wife (and fellow gamer) Jennifer and a crazy cat, Moca. Moca ensures that their games and minis never sit unattended too long.

Andrew McIntosh is a Seattle-based artist who has worked in the video game industry since 2005. His work has been featured in galleries in Seattle and Oakland, where it has delighted and disturbed viewers in equal measure. If only he would use his powers for good instead of evil…

Philip Miller played his first RPG nearly 30 years ago and was immediately hooked. Although he lacks the gene necessary to successfully GM he considers himself an expert player and has, at times, been a semi-professional miniature sculptor and illustrator. He has earned a BFA from the University of Michigan and is constantly creating despite the innumerable consequences to society.

Daniel Milne is a second-generation geek, forever balancing the chase for the new and innovative with mining the nerd awesomeness of the last era of gamers. He lives a quiet life in Utah and awaits the day where his gaming skills will make him the perfect candidate to lead an alien army against an evil empire.

Sam Mustain has been gaming since that fateful day in 1993 when he received a hand-me-down red box edition of basic D&D. Sam is a first class weirdo who would like to turn his critical eye into a career. He lives with his wife Brianne in Utah.

Matthew Neagley is as surprised by his presence here as anyone else. Who knew that you could start out as “Opinionated Loudmouth on the internet” and four years later be writing a book with a group of talented gnomes? When not cooking the stew, or explaining why others on the internet are wrong, Matt spends most of his time in the real world with his gamer girl wife and daughter, although it still involves a lot of sitting.

Brian Nowak is a freelance editor with a ruthless red pen and an impressive ability to come through in a time-crunch. He’s done work for (among others) Bastion Press, Wizards of the Coast’s RPGA, and now Engine Publishing. He’s a geek and bibliophile — a cultivated cosmogonist with a penchant for writing sentences Microsoft Word deems “too long.” He threw his first funny-shaped die in 1997, making him one of the greenest gamers he knows.

Kurt Schneider aspires to the periphery of geekdom, and claims many outside interests, some of them including actual physical activity. The sordid truth is that he has been gaming since the late ’70s, goes by “Telas” on many online gaming sites, and can’t wait to tell you about his character and/or campaign. This is the first book with his name actually printed on it, and not scrawled in crayon.

Hugo Solis is a graphic designer and illustrator, and has been an RPG lover for over 20 years. His desire to create and develop prompted him to dive into the RPG industry in 2009. He is co-creator of the Pathfinder-centric Wayfinder fanzine, and has done art and design for Paizo, Rite Publishing, Kobold Quarterly, and Sean K. Reynolds, among others. He is constantly looking to get involved in more and bigger RPG projects.

Troy Taylor is happiest when up to his elbows in plaster and craft paint, creating dungeon terrain and detailing miniatures for his homebrew Steffenhold campaign. His love of fantasy grew from reading Thieves World anthologies and Arak: Son of Thunder comics as a teenager. Contributions to Dragon magazine led to an invitation into the Werecabbages Freelancers Creative Guild. A journalist, Troy lives in Illinois with his wife, Paula, and their children, Carolyn, Preston and Jonathan.

Phil Vecchione has been a game master since the role was thrust upon him in the early ’80s. Despite the title not scoring him any chicks, he continued to hone his craft, year after year. He is a writer for Gnome Stew, a regular presenter at GenCon, and a freelance project manager for the RPG community. He runs his games out of his gaming lounge (basement) in Buffalo, NY, which he shares with his wife Florence and two children, Dante and Rose.